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Special Swings Can Make a Difference

special needs swings

Children are children.  Not all children have the same abilities or needs, but all share a desire to play and all need mental and physical stimulation.  This is where special needs swings can help significantly improve a child’s life.

There are a variety of swings available for different strengths and challenges a child may face.  Swings can be mesh style similar to a hammock or a full support swing with a harness.  It can be a challenge finding the right swing for you and your child’s needs.  Here are some styles options that may work for you.

What does a special swing do?

These swings can stimulate the five senses (sound, sight, taste, smell and touch) as well as improve awareness of their body within its surroundings and balance.  All of these are vital for a child’s development, but often are not stimulated enough.  These swings provide a fun way for children to develop and strengthen these areas.  This can also be considered a calming and relaxing activity for children with ADHD, anxiety, etc. 

What are the different types of swings available?

There are many types of indoor swings that can easily be installed in a doorway of your home.  The cocoon swing, for instance, is a great option typically in classrooms or therapeutic settings.  It gives stimulation with a calming back and forth motion and the comforting sensation of a full body protective covering.  Another swing option is the sensory swing.  This swing includes different shapes and textures to interact with while building balance and muscle swinging.  This can also be a great way to entertain on a rainy day. There are many other varieties available to get the right fit.

Every child deserves the very best.  Consider these swings as opportunities to meet those sensory and emotional needs while providing your child with a fun and relaxing place to develop.